Manual Accountability Starter Package

Salamander Technologies

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Complete "Get Started" package includes:

  • SalamanderLive™: Login to a powerful web-based service for managing personnel and equipment records, qualifications, certifications, and NIMS resource typing. SalamanderLive™ lets you create machine-readable ID cards, tags or credentials for automated tracking, accessible anywhere on any device with an internet connection. (One year subscription for 5 users, 1 print controller, and 500 records.)
  • Tags and supplies: Tag supplies for 30 personnel, 2 tags each, including plastic pouches for lamination; nylon ties; rings; snaps for attaching to gear or collector ring; and 15 sheets of tag stock for printing 60 tags. (Choose tag stock color with or without white stripe for barcode printing.)
  • Laminator: Heavy-duty laminator provides 15-mil capacity for laminating ID tags.
  • Collector Ring Assembly: Six (6) complete collector rings including spring clips, collector rings, and ID tags with two-sided engraving.
  • Complete IM System Binder: Includes a newly designed, heavy-duty aluminum binder measuring 13" x 15" when closed. The binder opens to hold a two-sided, 12.5" x 14.5" IM First Due Board, as well as a 50-page 12.5" x 14" tactical worksheet pad, which are both included in the complete system. Please specify Chem-Bio/Hazmat or Incident Management pad.