SalamanderLive Dashboard - Standard Only

Salamander Technologies

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Salamander Technologies now provides a web-based Resource Management offering in SalamanderLive.  Visit for information.  This is a yearly subscription that includes 5 users, 500 records, an 1 printing location.

This web based tool is the core of Intelligent Accountability.  From creating your tags to providing situational awareness at incidents ranging from the day-to-day to the once in a lifetime, SalamanderLive is at the center of it all.

  • Create you accountability tags
  • Manage responder qualifications
  • Connect field tracking devices to create a common operating picture
  • View GIS mapping information.  Additional purchase is required.
  • Run detailed incident reports
  • Centralize your resource database
  • Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Ideal for multiple uses: reporting, checking credentials, locating equipment and people, etc.
  • Provides instant scalability